Excerpt from Chapter – Anwar Sadat (Muhammad Anwar el-Sadat)

Published September 15, 2017

The role Anwar Sadat played in cementing a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel will live on as one of the great, shining, seminal moments that changed the course of history.

Muhammad Anwar el–Sadat, prior to assuming the presidency of Egypt, was a military man, who at age twenty completed military school and enlisted in the armed forces. His strategic and tactical acumen was in full bloom during World War II, when he masterminded an operation— in concert with Germany—to oust the British from Egypt. His plot was discovered, and the British arrested and imprisoned him, only to have him escape. Sadat was caught and again jailed; this time, he was accused of being involved in an assassination attempt of a high government official. He was found not guilty.